We support data-driven, current, policy relevant research projects. Our goal is to engage in efforts that lead to evidence-based evaluations of tradeoffs faced by policy makers. We seek no solutions, but a clearer roadmap of alternative course of actions.

Past Research

Coding Congressional Budget Office Bill Scoring Reports

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) was created with the mandate to provide research assistance to Congress. Its most important role is to provide cost estimates for congressional bills that make it out of the committee system prior to voting on the chamber floors. On its website, the CBO maintains a record of all the bill […]

Ideologues and Technocrats: How Congress Solves Problems.

Ph.D. student E.J. Fagan is conducting a study looking into the influence of think-tanks and interest groups on the policy-making process. The Salem Center provided support for E.J. to collect the necessary information to evaluate his hypothesis of growing influence from the policy content of 16,000 think tank white papers, and one of 1,100 appearances […]