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Policy@McCombs Podcast

A data-driven conversation on policy and economics. Policy@McCombs is produced by the Salem Center for Policy at The McCombs School of Business.

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Choose Your Issues Podcast

The Podcast of the Objectivism Program at the Salem Center in the University of Texas at Austin. Gregory Salmieri and others discuss issues of the day in light of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of reason, individualism, and capitalism.

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Policy in Pieces Podcast

Join UT-Austin professor and Salem Center director Scott Bauguess as he breaks down active and important regulatory issues in financial markets with student co-hosts and special guests from government, industry, and academia.

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Free Lunch Podcast

The Salem Center Faculty and Staff discuss various current policy issues in a free form discussion format. The Salem Center will occasionally be joined by outside guests.

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Woke-ademia Podcast

Salem Center Senior Scholar Richard Lowery and guests discuss the shift of universities from academic inquiry to political activism in support of novel and radical ideologies. 

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