About Us

Who We Are

Bridging the gap between data science and public policy.

Launched in 2020, the Salem Center for Policy is dedicated to helping students and business leaders better understand the costs, benefits and consequences of policy decisions. In the realm of public policy, there are no silver bullets and no magical cure alls. Every intervention is a choice between competing interests that can be measured, analyzed, and interpreted. Our work draws from multiple disciplines and empirical methods to help navigate these trade-offs in pursuit of human flourishing and the preservation of a free society.

Our People

Building bridges between the worlds of data science and public policy.

Our team is made up of professors, researchers, students, and experts from a variety of backgrounds.

Our Research

The Salem Center works with students, policymakers, and business leaders to advance the use of data science in public policy research and practice.

We support data-driven, current, policy relevant research projects.

Our goal is to engage in efforts that lead to evidence-based evaluations of tradeoffs faced by policy makers. We seek no solutions, but a clearer roadmap of alternative course of actions.