Student Opportunity: Fellowship on the History and Foundations of Markets Fall 2023

The Fellowship on the History and Foundation of Markets is a sponsored program of the Salem Center for Policy at the McCombs School of Business. Fellowships will be awarded to distinguished UT Austin undergraduate students who possess a background or interest in economics, selected from a range of disciplines including economics, philosophy, political science, history, sociology, and others.

The fellowship provides extra-curricular learning opportunities students to investigate key thinkers and ideas in the fields of political economy, history of economic thought, and philosophy of markets. Fellows are provided with reading material and will attend weekly colloquia where they come prepared for open and civil discourse inspired by a vision of Socratic engagement.

The fellowship is renewable with a total award of up to $6,000, paid as a stipend of $1,500 per semester and continuing conditional on successful participation in the program for up to four consecutive semesters.

Each semester will have a different theme and the readings will focus on a variety of topics from classical economics, early thoughts on market economies, institutional economics, history of economic thought, theories of money and wealth, theories of individualism vs. collectivism, and more. Students will prepare readings by Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill, Milton Friedman, Frederick Hayek, John Rawls, Ronald Coase, Daron Acemoglu, and Thomas Sowell, to name only a few. Discussion will engage broad topics of discussion from the timeless— such as the rights and responsibilities associated with individual liberty, the strengths and limits to organization, and the meaning and achievement of equality—to the more topical, for instance regarding big tech and monopoly, or communicable disease.

How to Apply
If you would like to apply for Fellowship opportunity, please visit the following link and fill
out the application. The following information will be required.
• Cover letter explaining why this type and format of fellowship appeals to you
• Resume
• Current UT Transcript, unofficial copies are acceptable (as a PDF)
• Deadline: May 31st, 2023

Please email with any questions.