The Salem Center helps students of all ages learn how to obtain and analyze data-driven insights.
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The Salem Center sponsors courses that help students become data-literate.

Highlighted Courses

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Security Market Policy Course

Offered in Fall 2020.

Philosophy and the Pandemic

Offered in Spring 2021.

Economics of Cybersecurity

Offered in Spring 2021.

Fall 2020 Courses

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Every semester, the Salem Center offers a variety of courses taught by fellows and scholars that work in the Center. Take a quick glance below to see which of the many courses are being taught this semester.

Undergrad Courses Graduate Courses

Security Market Policy Course

Students will analyze and understand the underlying motivations for financial market regulation and the tradeoffs regulators face when making policy choices.
Instructor: Scott Bauguess

Policy Research Laboratory

The goal of the course is to train the students with the programming, applied mathematics, and economics tools needed to participate in cutting-edge policy research.
Instructor: T.J. Canann