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Policy@McCombs with Alex Tabarrok

Alex Tabarrok is a professor of economics at George Mason University. He joins the podcast to talk to Richard Hanania about his involvement in Operation Warp Speed, a uniquely successful federal government project. Richard asks how broadly applicable its lessons are, whether or not we could do something similar for cancer, and why economists and […]

Mike Munger: COVID-19 Interview

Mike Munger is a Professor of Political Science, and the Director of the PPE Certificate Program. His primary research focus is on the functioning of markets, regulation, and government institutions. He has taught at Dartmouth College, University of Texas, and University of North Carolina (where he was Director of the Master of Public Administration Program), […]

Explaining IOSCO (with Paul Andrews)

Paul Andrews, outgoing Secretary General of the International Organization of Securities Commissions, joins us to discuss global coordination of financial market regulation, IOSCO’s role in promoting financial stability, and views on regulatory developments related to GameStop, SPACs, Ant Financial, and ESG disclosure.

Is Politics Downstream from Culture?

The Podcast of the Objectivism Program at the Salem Center in the University of Texas at Austin. Gregory Salmieri and others discuss issues of the day in light of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of reason, individualism, and capitalism.

Emily Oster on “Cribsheet”

Emily Fair Oster is an American economist and bestselling author of “Expecting Better” and “Cribsheet”. Emily is a Professor of Economics and Public Policy at Brown University. P. Richard Hahn also joins the show as a guest interviewer. He is an associate professor of Statistics at ASU.  His specific research interests include regression tree methods, […]

Big Tech & Lessons from the Energy Crisis

Show Notes  Big Tech Salem Center events on the Big Tech:  Is Big Tech Too Big? Additional notes/context/links:  Steve mentioned Facebook’s role in violence in Myanmar.  Here’s more detail on Facebook’s role in inciting the violence from this NY Times article. One of Greg’s talks on free speech  Electricity Crisis Salem Center events on the Texas Electricity […]

George Walsh on Protestant Fundamentalism, Lecture 1: Theology and Epistemology

George Walsh (c.1923-2001) was one of those old-school professors who wrote little but read everything. These two lectures on Protestant Fundamentalism, delivered in the late-80s, distill decades of study of Protestant Fundamentalism with great insight and humor, handling the ideas with the same seriousness that intellectual historians normally reserve for the Great Thinkers of Western […]

Crypto Motherhood (with Hester Peirce)

Crypto assets are becoming mainstream. Tens of millions of Americans own them. SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce, affectionately known as crypto mom for her pioneering thoughts on how digital assets should be treated by regulators, joins this episode to discuss their meteoric rise, potential future treatment by the SEC, and other views in this now $2 […]

Bryan Caplan Interviews Chris Rufo

Bryan Caplan interviews Chris Rufo on his best-selling *America’s Cultural Revolution*. In this wide-ranging interview, Rufo tackles some tough questions, including: How bad were the founders of critical theory, really? How fake is Continental philosophy? What would Rufo had done if he’d had Freire’s job in Guinea-Bissau? Are fanatics evil? And, does he really hate […]

Private Companies and Public Disclosures (with Allison Lee)

SEC Commissioner Allison Lee joins this episode to discuss her recent remarks calling for greater transparency in private markets, the impact of the secular decline in the number of public companies on retail investors, and the push for additional disclosures, particularly related to climate risk.