Heterogeneity in Policy Effects

This initiative is a joint effort between scholars from UT and ASU in order to study the impact of policy actions.

Main Researchers

Carlos Carvalho, Jared Murray, Richard Hahn

The Salem Center supports multiple efforts to bring the use of modern data science tools to improve the evaluation of policies impacts. Going beyond the average impact of an intervention and understanding how different groups or individuals are affected provide policymakers the ability to better assess cost, benefits and ultimately make better decisions.  The leadings scholars in this project are Carlos Carvalho (UT), Jared Murray (UT) and Richard Hahn (ASU).   

The Heterogeneity in Policy Effects initiative offers a variety of papers, events, and lectures in order to form a better understanding around the implications that come with decisions.

Research With Us

The competitive Salem Center Fellowship provides fellows the unique experience of assisting and conducting data-driven and policy relevant research with the center’s Senior Fellows.