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Policy Research Lab Projects

What are students in the Policy Research Laboratory working on? MAIN RESEARCHERS PRL Students PROJECTS COVID-19 Data Analysis Students: Jacob Roth, Daniela Serrano, Will Robinson, Matthew Vu Do Political Orthodoxies Influence Academic Publications? Students: Daniela Serrano Does Monopolistic Pricing Power Exist in Small Firm Mergers? Students: Will Robinson Effects of Covid-19 on Birthrates Students: Lily […]

Credit Access and Determinants of Entrepreneurial Success

This initiative is a joint effort between scholars in order to test the importance and factors of entrepreneurial success. Main Researcher William Fuchs Professor William Fuchs (Finance) is working on a number of projects trying to understand the impact of access to credit on the formation of new business. Salem Center support will help the […]

Objectivism Program

Exploring and applying Ayn Rand’s philosophy of reason, egoism, and capitalism. MAIN RESEARCHER Gregory Salmieri AFFILIATED FACULTY Tara Smith Gena Gorlin The Salem Center’s Objectivism Program (co-sponsored by the Ayn Rand Institute) aims to foster the study of Ayn Rand’s philosophy and its applications to contemporary affairs. We support research about and informed by Objectivism, […]


We collect data from various sources to show the impact of COVID-19 and the related mitigation measures on the Top 20 Texas MSAs. Main Researchers Salem Center Team The mission of this project is to gather information about large areas of economic activity in Texas, starting with Austin then expanding to the rest of the […]

Objectivity in Thought, Action, and Enterprise

It takes work for human beings to know reality and to form and achieve values within it. Understanding this work enables us to take greater control of our minds and our lives. MAIN RESEARCHER Gregory Salmieri Human beings—many of us, at least—aspire to be objective in our thinking and our decision-making. We aspire to conform […]

Financial Market Regulation

Promoting the relevance of academic research in the design, implementation, and evaluation of financial market regulation. Director Scott W. Bauguess Through events, analysis, and commentary, the program on financial markets regulation aims to elevate the role evidence-based decision making in the policy development process. Bringing the rigor of peer-reviewed research to decision-makers can mitigate the […]

Generalizing Experimental Results

MAIN RESEARCHERS Erin Hartman and Stephen Jessee Previous studies have compared experimental findings from convenience samples (e.g. Amazon Mechanical Turk) with those from population experiments (e.g. nationally representative probability samples). But while these results provide important information about how well these less expensive samples might approximate so-called “gold standard” samples, they still rely on convenience […]