Financial Market Regulation

Promoting the relevance of academic research in the design, implementation, and evaluation of financial market regulation.


Scott W. Bauguess

Through events, analysis, and commentary, the program on financial markets regulation aims to elevate the role evidence-based decision making in the policy development process. Bringing the rigor of peer-reviewed research to decision-makers can mitigate the bias and conflicts that underlie many proposed regulatory actions, and lead to more balanced consideration of competing interests and perspectives among financial market participants. To achieve this, each initiative is focused on raising awareness of where evidence in support of financial market policy is needed, promoting regulator engagement with academic experts, and creating incentives for academics to apply their expertise to policy issues by measuring the relevance of their contributions to regulatory outcomes.  

The Financial Market Regulation Program offers a variety of papers, events, and lectures in order to form a better understanding around the implications that come with different financial policy decisions.

Research With Us

The competitive Salem Center Fellowship provides fellows the unique experience of assisting and conducting data-driven and policy relevant research with the center’s Senior Fellows.