New Podcast Series: “Free Lunch”

Welcome to the first episode of “Free Lunch!”  This is a podcast where people from different academic and political backgrounds discuss (and, often, disagree about) contemporary policy challenges.  On the inaugural episode, for example, we have a statistician (Carlos), an economist (Scott), a philosopher (Greg), and a political scientist (Steve) discuss the influence of “big tech” and the February 2021 Texas electricity crisis.  These discussions are freewheeling as we try to work through the strengths and weaknesses of our own views.  For example, in our discussion about big tech, we consider the extent to which tech companies should censor content.  We talk about content broadly, including both social media posts and Stripe’s decision to stop processing contributions to the Trump campaign in January 2021.  You’ll find that even when we agree about a particular policy, we do so for entirely different reasons! 

You can listen to the podcast on YouTube and Spotify.

The show notes, which contain links to resources such as Salem Center events and relevant articles, are below. 


Big Tech 
Salem Center events on the Big Tech: 

Additional notes/context/links: 

Electricity Crisis 
Salem Center events on the Texas Electricity crisis: 

Additional notes/context/links: