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Labor Econ Versus the World: Essays on the World’s Greatest Market

Check out Salem Center visiting senior scholar Bryan Caplan’s new book Labor Econ Versus the World: Essays on the World’s Greatest Market. The book collects the very best of his EconLog essays, where he has been blogging since 2005, on the science and ethics of work. Caplan gives readers a tantalizing bundle of puzzling questions. Why is […]

New Podcast Series: “Free Lunch”

EPISODE 1 Welcome to the first episode of “Free Lunch!”  This is a podcast where people from different academic and political backgrounds discuss (and, often, disagree about) contemporary policy challenges.  On the inaugural episode, for example, we have a statistician (Carlos), an economist (Scott), a philosopher (Greg), and a political scientist (Steve) discuss the influence of […]

Student Spotlight: Rodrigo Rivera

We are thrilled that one of our student research fellows, Rodrigo Rivera, was featured in a McCombs BHP Student Spotlights. Rodrigo Rivera is a senior, double majoring in Canfield Business Honors Program and Finance with a minor in Management Information Systems at the McCombs School of Business. His interest in policy was ignited after moving […]


We collect data from various sources to show the impact of COVID-19 and the related mitigation measures on the Top 20 Texas MSAs. Main Researchers Salem Center Team The mission of this project is to gather information about large areas of economic activity in Texas, starting with Austin then expanding to the rest of the […]

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

At this Policy@Mccombs Alex Epstein will discuss his New York Times bestseller, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels (Penguin, 2014). The book argues that if we look at the whole picture, human flourishing requires that humanity use more fossil fuels not less. The book has been widely praised as the most persuasive argument ever made for […]