Student Spotlight: Rodrigo Rivera

We are thrilled that one of our student research fellows, Rodrigo Rivera, was featured in a McCombs BHP Student Spotlights. Rodrigo Rivera is a senior, double majoring in Canfield Business Honors Program and Finance with a minor in Management Information Systems at the McCombs School of Business. His interest in policy was ignited after moving to the US for college and learning about American policy and how it shapes the country. 

His interest in policy research, skill in coding, and leadership qualities has made him stand out not only within Salem Center for Policy where he now is a teaching assistant and lead student researcher, but within the entire McCombs undergraduate population as well. Rodrigo has worked with the Salem Center on pressing policy issues including but not limited to the complexities of reopening the economy within the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Rodrigo will graduate in May and his time as a research and teaching assistant with the Salem Center will end as well. We wish him all the best with his future career in Global Markets Division at Goldman Sachs. 

To read the full interview and student spotlight, please click here.