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Free Lunch

The Salem Center Faculty and Staff discuss various current policy issues in a free form discussion format. The Salem Center will occasionally be joined by outside guests.

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Poverty, Homelessness, Minimum Wage & Measurement

Welcome to the second episode of Free Lunch!  This week featured Carlos, Greg, Scott, and Steve talking about poverty, homelessness, the minimum wage, and measurement issues. As Greg notes at the end, if you think we’ve missed something please email us at Steven.Rashin@McCombs.UTexas.edu. Show Notes Salem Center Events Referenced Valentin Bolotnyy and Natalia Emanuel’s excellent paper “Why Do Women Earn […]

May 11, 2021

Big Tech & Lessons from the Energy Crisis

Show Notes  Big Tech Salem Center events on the Big Tech:  Is Big Tech Too Big? Additional notes/context/links:  Steve mentioned Facebook’s role in violence in Myanmar.  Here’s more detail on Facebook’s role in inciting the violence from this NY Times article. One of Greg’s talks on free speech  Electricity Crisis Salem Center events on the Texas Electricity […]

April 5, 2021
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