The Fertility Gap: Why Women around the world are having fewer Children than they Desire

Friday, March 3rd at Noon

Engaging Orthodoxy

Clara E. Piano is currently an assistant professor of economics at Austin Peay State University. She received her PhD in economics from George Mason University.

Her primary areas of research are family economics, law and economics, and public choice. She has published academic papers on many topics including mental health and marriage, Renaissance art contracts, the organization of Christian seminaries, and the Soviet family policy. Her work has also been featured in popular outlets like Public Discourse and the Faith & Economics podcast. Beyond economics, Clara enjoys reading and discussing Catholic Social Thought.

The fertility gap is the difference between intended and actual births. While many countries struggle with below-replacement birth rates, the average woman desires more children than she will actually have in her lifetime. Our scholar will lead us in her investigation into the causes of these frustrated desires, arguing that reductions in economic and religious liberty are to blame.