PhD Symposium Student Papers 2020


Disclosure and Governance, chaired by Jeffrey Coles, University of Utah

  • Evisa Bogdani, University of Kentucky
    • The Role of Assurance in Equity Crowdfunding (with Monika Causholli and Robert Knechel)
  • Daeun Lee, Baruch College
    • Quid pro quo? The SEC’s Oversight Enforcement and Corporate Lobbying
  • Christopher Oehler, Goethe University
    • Causal Evidence on the Effects of Enforcement Investigations (with Marius Gros and Martin Nienhaus)

Financial Intermediation, chaired by Anjan Thakor, Washington University in St. Louis

  • Mehran Ebrahimian, Wharton
    • Financial Intermediation and Income Distribution
  • Amit Kumar, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    • Know Thyself: Free Credit Reports and the Retail Mortgage Market
  • Lee Seltzer, University of Texas at Austin
    • The Effects of Financial Constraints on Investment: Evidence from Apartment Buildings
  • Jing Wen, Columbia University
    • Risk Migration from the Banking Industry to the Real Economy: An Examination of Spillovers from Basel III

Market Structure, chaired by Albert S. (Pete) Kyle, University of Maryland

  • Sida Li, University of Illinois
    • The Optimal Nominal Price of a Stock: A Tale of Two Discreteness (with Mao Ye)
  • Botao Wu, New York University
    • Increasing Corporate Bond Liquidity Premium and Post-Crisis Regulations
  • Ewelina Zurowska, Wharton
    • ETF primary market structure and its efficiency

Asset Management, chaired Laura Starks, University of Texas at Austin

  • Aymeric Bellon, Wharton
    • Does Private Equity Ownership Make Firms Cleaner? The Role Of Environmental Liability Risks
  • Rachel Flam, Texas A&M
    • A Level Playing Field? Empirical Evidence That Ethnic Minority Analysts Face Unequal Access to Corporate Managers (with Jeremiah Green, Josh Lee, and Nate Sharp)
  • Lawrence Hsiao, Northwestern University
    • Idiosyncratic Disagreement and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns
  • Alison Taylor, University of Toronto
    • Risk redistribution among investors: Evidence from environmental liability risk