Career Opportunity: Economist

The Texas Public Policy Foundation is seeking a dynamic, free-market economist with exceptional research and verbal-and-written communication skills to serve as staff Economist. This team member will work with TPPF’s Chief Economist and colleagues to develop goals and a research agenda intended to improve the well-being of people in Texas and the nation. This person will publish in-depth research that is informative and understandable to policymakers, legislative staff, the public, and other interested groups. The candidate will be expected to provide policy recommendations based on the research and free-market economic principles for officeholders, especially in the U.S. Congress and in the Texas Legislature, and to work with those officeholders to see those recommendations through the legislative process, which could include testifying before committees. The economist will also communicate the research to the media through interviews and commentaries and to the public through speaking engagements.


  • Conduct high-quality research independently and collaboratively—internally and externally—on state, local, and federal policy issues that can include modeling policy changes with the best techniques
  • Support the work of the Chief Economist and colleagues to achieve TPPF’s mission
  • Publish commentaries, do interviews, present before the public on legislative issues and current events
  • Evaluate legislation to determine whether it will support or hinder economic prosperity, make recommendations to deal with policy issues, and testify before committees


  • Strong commitment to TPPF’s mission and agenda
  • Advanced degree in economics with some experience in economic modeling and a statistical programming package with mastery of Excel
  • Demonstrated commitment to free-market economic principles
  • Previous relevant academic research or related work experience
  • Ability to conceive and develop innovative ideas and bring them to fruition
  • Aptitude for graceful prose that conveys challenging concepts convincingly
  • Ability to work independently or with a team on multiple policy areas

Visit the TPPF website to learn more or apply.