Call for Master’s Research Program: Policy Research Laboratory Spring 2024

The Master’s Research Program (MRP) within the Policy Research Laboratory is designed to help graduate students engage in coauthor level policy research. As a member of the MRP you will work with professors to learn many of the skills to help you succeed in academia or government research. Your time will be split between working on your own project and managing undergraduate PRL researchers on a group project.

As part of the program MRP students will learn:

  1. How to code in Python and R or advance their data science/numerical methods coding skills in these
    or other coding languages as their projects may require.
  2. To manage small group of undergraduate students and to oversee a research project.
  3. How to read and analyze an academic journal argument for the way it’s written and its structure (intro,
    findings, etc.).
  4. Advanced machine learning, game theory, and econometrics techniques to approach policy problems.

For more information visit the Policy Research Laboratory website.

Example Data/Research Projects

For examples of our research you can see some of it at the PRL Research Silos page.

Research Silos

Our research is split into silos of research. We are looking for two master’s students to join the MRP this year to head a couple of these silos. One student will head the Health Policy Silo, see here for the current projects, and the other will head the Meta Analysis Silo, see here for the meta analysis projects. As a silo head, your responsibilities are broken into two parts:

1) You are working on a project under that silo with a professor.
2) You are helping/mentoring/managing any undergrad (PRL students) that is working on projects that are under your silo.

How to Apply

If you would like to apply for this job/research opportunity, please email the following to David Puelz (

• Cover letter
• CV/Resume
• If you have previous research, you may include one sample or link to your website/data blog.
DEADLINE: 11/28/2023