Students for Fair Admissions vs. Harvard

A Policy@McCombs Event

Students for Fair Admissions, an anti-affirmative-action organization, sued Harvard in 2014, claiming it discriminates against Asian-Americans in its admission process.

Duke University economist Peter Arcidiacono testified in federal court presenting his analysis of six years of Harvard’s admissions data. His findings suggest that Harvard College’s admissions process favors African-American, Latino, and Latina students at the expense of white and Asian-American applicants. In this Policy@McCombs, professor Arcidiacono will explore his research and experiences while working on this topic. Professor Arcidiacono specializes in research involving applied microeconomics, applied economics, and labor economics. His research primarily focuses on education and discrimination. His work focuses specifically on the exploration of a variety of subjects, such as structural estimation, affirmative action, minimum wages, teen sex, discrimination, higher education, and dynamic discrete choice models, among others.

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