Socialism Sucks (Or does it?)

A Policy@McCombs Event

To start this new semester of Policy@McCombs, SMU economist Robert Lawson will discuss his most recent book “Socialism Sucks.”

Socialism has a disastrous track record. Yet a growing number of Americans, especially younger ones, find it appealing. “How can so many Americans view socialism so favorably, when in practice it has led to misery and mass murder?” (p. 9)

From the Amazon book’s page:

“Irreverent but honest economists Robert Lawson and Benjamin Powell have all the data — and even more important, the firsthand global experience — to affirm that socialism fails to deliver on any of the utopian promises it makes and instead is very bad for your economic (and other) health. This is a book that every American who values freedom and sound economics (and good beer) needs to read.”

Watch the full video from the event here: