Energy for All and Environmental Protection on The Journey to a Global Net Zero

Wednesday, March 29th at 4pm


Join us in person at RRH 4.314 or via Zoom here.

Address: 300 W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Austin, TX, 78705

This is a thought-provoking nonpartisan presentation on the dual challenge facing ‘Spaceship Earth’ with 8 billion people ‘on deck’: energy for all and environmental protection. 2.4 billion people need access to clean cooking, global GHG emissions must be reduced, and ambient and indoor pollution must be removed as this causes millions to die prematurely each year, mostly in low-income countries. There are no simple solutions, but this is all solvable if we act as one team engaging in a civil dialogue where we challenge each other, always insisting on not leaving anyone behind.

Helge received his MSc from the Norwegian Institute of Technology and his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin, both in Reservoir Engineering. In his 40+ year long career in the energy industry, Helge served in a variety of professional and management positions with ExxonMobil, Sohio, BP, Norsk Hydro, and Equinor. His positions span from Chief Reservoir Engineer, via GM International E&P, to Director General Equinor Mexico and VP Investor Relations North America. Dr. Haldorsen served as the 2015 President of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

See Helge’s full CV here: (1) Helge Hove Haldorsen | LinkedIn)

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