Cyber Intelligence and Election Security

Cybersecurity Lecture Series

In this episode of Cybersecurity Speaker Series, we enjoyed having Monty St John, the Director of Cyber Intelligence at CyberDefenses Inc. Monty talked about the different career opportunities in cyber intelligence and ways that CyberDefenses secures local and national elections.

Cybercrime is more lucrative than all other types of crime combined, a fact driving more cybercriminal activity, and also driving a significant need for cybersecurity professionals. Cyber threat intelligence, an important element of cybersecurity, is a growing area of career opportunity. Monty St John, Director of Cyber Intelligence for CyberDefenses, is a pioneer in this developing field. Drawing from decades of Darknet intelligence experience spanning the corporate world, the military and law enforcement, Monty explains what cyber intelligence is, its role in cybersecurity and the skills needed to excel in this career path. He shares how this investigative discipline is a key part of critical cybersecurity initiatives, including securing elections, forensics evidence gathering, protecting corporate intellectual property and helping businesses defend employees and customers against financial and identity theft.

Monty is a cybersecurity expert with more than two decades of experience in threat intelligence, digital forensics, malware analytics, quality services, software engineering, development, IT/informatics, project management and training. He is an ISO 17025 laboratory auditor and assessor, reviewing and auditing 40+ laboratories. Monty is also a game designer and publisher who has authored more than 24 products and 35 editorial works. He has served in both the U.S. Army and the Navy. He is the Director of Threat Intelligence for CyberDefenses, an award-winning Managed Security Services Provider working with the Federal government, state and local government and businesses since 2001.

CyberDefenses is an award-winning Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) headquartered in Round Rock, Texas. The company offers a full suite of consulting, cyber intelligence and threat monitoring subscription services from its state-of-the-art Security Operations Center. Founded in 2001 by military cybersecurity experts to secure Federal defense entities in the wake of the 911 terrorist attacks, the company continues to serve the military as well as businesses, state and local governments and elections.

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