A Taxonomy of Corruption

A Policy@McCombs Event

In this Policy@McCombs discussion, world-renowned philosopher David Schmidtz from the University of Arizona will discuss the nature and features of corruption and how concentrated power aggravates corruption problems. Moreover, he will discuss how individual behavior, conflict, and collective action dynamics interplay in a setting where corruption and power often interfere with the pursuit of justice.

Professor Schmidtz is the Kendrick Professor of Philosophy, and Eller Chair of Service-Dominant Logic at the University of Arizona.

After graduating from Arizona in 1988, he spent the next three years at Yale as Assistant Professor, then three more as Associate Professor. Since then, he enjoyed three semesters at Bowling Green in Philosophy and the Social Philosophy and Policy Center, a semester as a Visiting Professor at McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, and a semester teaching first-year property at Florida State College of Law. He was named Phi Beta Kappa National Scholar in 2014. He was founding Head of the Department of Political Economy & Moral Science.

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