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Elucidations Podcast

Greg Salmieri’s Latest Appearance in Elucidations

Aristotle’s Non-‘Dialectical’ Methodology in the Nicomachean Ethics

Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics is often seen as a paradigm case of a ‘dialecti- cal’ work, on a certain understanding of that term. The ubiquity of this interpreta- tion is evidenced by its presence in the introductions or commentaries accompanying most recent translations of the treatise. Irwin 1999, 326-327 (cf. 1998, 347-349) sets forth the view […]

We The Living Reading Group

We are meeting several times over the academic year to discuss Ayn Rand’s first novel We The Living.” Then include the chapters to be discussed in each session. Those chapters are as follows: Meeting 1, 9/26: Part 1, Chapters 1–6 Meeting 2, 10/24: Part 1, Chapters 7–13 Meeting 3, 11/28: Part 1, Chapters 14–17