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Ken Judd: When Will the Fed Join the Third Millennium?

Policy@McCombs: Monday October 5th, 4-5:30pm When Will the Fed Join the Third Millennium? The U.S. Government and most businesses use powerful computing tools, but the Federal Reserve stands out as one government agency that has rejected modern computational tools. It is easy to document this description, but difficult to find good reasons for these gaps. […]

Student Election Discussion Group

As our mission statement says, “The Salem Center for Policy is dedicated to helping students and business leaders better understand the costs, benefits and consequences of policy decisions.” The weeks before a presidential election are when many Americans think most about policy, and discussions of the upcoming election often throw off more heat than light, […]

The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits

This fall marks the 50th anniversary of Milton Friedman’s famous essay on the social role of corporations. The ideas of his essay have survived the test of time and are ever so relevant in today’s discussion of stakeholder capitalism. The Salem Center will host a panel discussion on the topic featuring McCombs’ former Dean Tom […]

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to “Free Lunch”, our forum for thoughts, opinions, ideas, and whatever else the Salem Center’s scholars and friends come up with. Free Lunch’s goal is to create  “snackable” content, featuring writings on economic, political, and general societal issues. It will also summarize and link to our events, conferences, research, and other activities.  At the […]