Policy Research Laboratory: Call for Spring 2022 Research Assistants

The Policy Research Laboratory is a two part program in which undergraduate students are trained in programming, applied mathematics/statistics, and economics tools needed to participate in cutting edge policy research. The undergraduate research assistants are then tossed from the frying pan of the training into the fire of policy research and data analysis.

During the training phase, the students take a three-credit course that focuses on the fundamentals of economics, programming, and applied mathematics/statistics/machine learning that are necessary for policy research. For more information visit the Policy Research Laboratory website.

Example Data/Research Projects

COVID-19 Data Work

Many research assistants have studied the many facets of policy responses to COVID-19. The mission of this project is to gather information about large areas of economic activity and public health in Texas in order to make policy recommendations about re-opening the economy with the trade-offs of public health (i.e. currently COVID-19) in mind. We started with Austin, then have expanded to the rest of the state, as well as other national indicators. To see the current state of our research, see the Salem Center’s COVID-19 Site.

Cybersecurity Policy Program

By first understanding the behavioral consequences of policy changes in cyberspace, we are better able to defend and understand the increasingly connected world in which we live. We have studied the effects of Section 230, net neutrality, legalization/banning of Huawei, hackbacks, and other cyber-policies on the economy.

How to Apply

If you would like to apply for this job/research opportunity, please click the button below and fill out the
application. The following information will be required:

• Cover letter of why you would want to join the program.
• CV/Resume
• If you have previous research, you may include one sample or link to your website/data blog.
• DEADLINE: 10/22/2021