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Matt Ridley on Viral, The Origin of COVID-19

Matt Ridley’s books have sold over a million copies, been translated into 31 languages and won several awards. His books include The Red Queen, The Origins of Virtue, Genome, Nature via Nurture, Francis Crick, The Rational Optimist, The Evolution of Everything, and How Innovation Works. His TED talk “When Ideas Have Sex” has been viewed more than two […]

Richard Hanania: The Politics of Everything

Bryan Caplan interviews Richard Hanania, head of the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology, on international relations, war, peace, sanctions, grand strategy (and the lack thereof), partisanship, ideology, wokeness, academia, discrimination, civil rights, legal reform, and Hanania’s unique career path.

Tale of Two Recoveries

Dr. Tyler Goodspeed is the Kleinheinz Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. From 2020-21 he was Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers in the Executive Office of the President, having previously served as Member, Chief Economist for Macroeconomic Policy, and Senior Economist for public finance and macroeconomics. Before joining the Council, he […]

Jason Brennan on Getting Rich, Alternative to Democracy and the Moral Failures of Universities

Jason F. Brennan is an American philosopher and business professor. He is currently the Robert J. and Elizabeth Flanagan Family Professor of Strategy, Economics, Ethics, and Public Policy at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. Brennan writes about democratic theory, the ethics of voting, competence and power, freedom, and the moral foundations of […]

Charles Calomiris on FinTech

Dr. Charles Calomiris joins Dr. Scott Bauguess and Dr. Cesare Fracassi to discuss FinTech.  Charles W. Calomiris is the Henry Kaufman Professor of Financial Institutions at Columbia Business School and a Professor of International and Public Affairs at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs. He recently served as Chief Economist and Senior Deputy Comptroller […]

Valentin Bolotnyy on the Gender Pay Gap

Valentin Bolotnyy is an economist at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He works on topics across public and labor economics, often partnering with government agencies to improve public services and gain insight into social behavior.