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The Minimum Wage, Fringe Benefits, and Worker Welfare

Jeffrey Clemens, Associate Professor of Economics, UCSD Link to Paper This paper explores the relationship between the minimum wage, the structure of employee compensation, and worker welfare. We advance a conceptual framework that describes the conditions under which a minimum wage increase will alter the provision of fringe benefits, alter employment outcomes, and either increase […]

PhD Symposium: Financial Market Research and Policy Developments

The Salem Center for Policy at the McCombs School of Business is pleased to host its second doctoral student symposium designed for Ph.D. candidates in finance, accounting, economics, and related disciplines, who are in the process of developing a financial markets research program. Students will engage researchers from leading universities, industry, and regulatory agencies to […]

The Conservative Sensibility with George Will

The Salem Center is pleased to invite you to an event with Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George F. Will. Will is the country’s most widely read political columnist, as well as its foremost conservative voice. His popular twice-weekly column for The Washington Post syndicate reaches 300 newspapers throughout the United States and Europe. He is a […]

Confidence Sets for Causal Orderings

Causal discovery procedures aim to deduce causal relationships among variables in a multivariate dataset. While various methods have been proposed for estimating a single causal model or a single equivalence class of models, less attention has been given to quantifying uncertainty in causal discovery in terms of confidence statements. The primary challenge in causal discovery […]

The Conservative Case for Universal Health Insurance

President Trump has promised that the Republican Party will become the “Party of Health Care,” but Republicans are divided between those who oppose universal health insurance and those who support it. Why should conservatives care about achieving universal health care? What policies should they pursue to accomplish it? Can they join Democrats in forging a […]

Questioning the Sacrosanct: Is there a right to Protest?

A Free Speech Week Event. Americans today are divided on many issues. But one thing almost everyone seems to agree on, from BLM protestors to January 06 demonstrators, is that they have a right to take to the streets in protest. What if this is a mistake? What if there is no right to protest, at […]

Don’t “Serve A Cause Greater Than Yourself”

Join us in person at RRH 4.308 Address: 300 W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Austin, TX 78705 Parking: You can find paid parking in the Brazos Garage, the AT&T Hotel Garage, or any other garage or street parking. Virtually every college commencement, political oration, and self-help bestseller urges people to “serve a cause greater […]

Laying Siege to the Institutions

Join us in person at Crum Auditorium (Robert B. Rowling Hall 1.400) or via Livestream here. Christopher F. Rufo is a Senior Fellow of the Manhattan Institute, Contributing Editor of City Journal, and founder of American Studio, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating new work about the American experience. In the first phase of his career, […]

Ken Judd: When Will the Fed Join the Third Millennium?

Policy@McCombs: Monday October 5th, 4-5:30pm When Will the Fed Join the Third Millennium? The U.S. Government and most businesses use powerful computing tools, but the Federal Reserve stands out as one government agency that has rejected modern computational tools. It is easy to document this description, but difficult to find good reasons for these gaps. […]

Academic Freedom in Crisis: Punishment, Discrimination and Self-Censorship

Eric Kaufmann is Professor of Politics at Birkbeck College, University of London. He will join Salem Center Senior Scholar Richard Lowery for a discussion on Academic Freedom. High profile incidents of campus illiberalism are often brushed off as spirited exceptions to the rule that academic freedom is safe. Examples include the mob violence directed against […]