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The Economics of Cybersecurity

Tyler Moore will join The Salem Center and The Strauss Center for a virtual talk as part of its “Cybersecurity Speaker Series.” Tyler is the Tandy Associate Professor of Cyber Security and Information Assurance in the Tandy School of Computer Science at the University of Tulsa. His research focuses on the economics of information security, the […]

Cybersecurity Policy

By first understanding the behavioral consequences of policy changes in cyberspace, we are better able to defend and understand the increasingly connected world in which we live. MAIN RESEARCHER Taylor “TJ” Canann Cybersecurity Post of the Month The Huawei 5G Infrastructure Debate One of the greatest drivers of human progress in the last couple of decades […]

China’s Cyber Attacks

The Communist government of China is not known as a beacon of free speech or religious freedom or many other human rights, in fact, it has a well known tract record of brutally cracking down on these human rights (e.g. Tiananmen Square, Shanxi church demolition in 2018, etc.). As we have seen with the crackdown […]