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Internet as a Platform for the Exchange of Ideas

A talk with Brian Amerige (Co-Founder & CEO of Thoughtful). Address: 300 W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Austin, TX 78705 Parking: Paid parking can be found in the Rowling Garage, the AT&T Garage, or the Dobie Garage. Additional parking can be found on the street along Guadalupe Street. Brian’s Bio: When I was 14 years […]

Moral Foundations of Progress Studies

The progress studies community has had a lot of discussion about technology, economics, history, and politics. However, there is no consensus on the moral basis for valuing or pursuing “progress,” and there are key open questions about how progress is to be judged and measured, who should benefit from it, and what type of progress […]

Is Public Education Compatible with Free Speech?

A Free Speech Week Event. Questions about free speech arise often in connection with education. We see them in in decisions about which views to include in curricula, in disputes about what opinions teachers and students can voice in class or on campus—or even off campus—without being subject to disciplinary action. They arise also in […]

Questioning the Sacrosanct: Is there a right to Protest?

A Free Speech Week Event. Americans today are divided on many issues. But one thing almost everyone seems to agree on, from BLM protestors to January 06 demonstrators, is that they have a right to take to the streets in protest. What if this is a mistake? What if there is no right to protest, at […]

The Energy of Tomorrow: The Promise, Failure, and Possible Rebirth of Nuclear Power

Jason Crawford is the founder of The Roots of Progress, where he writes and speaks about the history of technology and the philosophy of progress. Previously, he spent 18 years as a software engineer, engineering manager, and startup founder. In the 1950s, nuclear power was seen as the energy of the future. Today, it is stagnating on […]

Debate on Conservatism and Individualism

This event will feature Yoram Hazony (Chairman of the Edmund Burke Foundation and author of The Virtue of Nationalism) and Yaron Brook (Chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute, host of the Yaron Brook Show, author of Free Market Revolution, Equal is Unfair, and In Pursuit of Wealth.) The debate will be moderated by Tom Gilligan. Join us in person […]