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Audio and video from Dr. Salmieri. Discussion of “Ayn Rand’s moral philosophy” on  the Elucidation’s Philosophy Podcast. Discussion of “The Aristotelian good life and productive work” on  the Elucidation’s Philosophy Podcast. Lecture on “Thinking Objectively” from Objectivist Conference 2014 — Lecture on “Thinking For Yourself” from AynRandCon 2018 — Lecture Series on “What […]

Questioning the Sacrosanct: Is there a right to Protest?

A Free Speech Week Event. Americans today are divided on many issues. But one thing almost everyone seems to agree on, from BLM protestors to January 06 demonstrators, is that they have a right to take to the streets in protest. What if this is a mistake? What if there is no right to protest, at […]

Moral Foundations of Progress Studies

The progress studies community has had a lot of discussion about technology, economics, history, and politics. However, there is no consensus on the moral basis for valuing or pursuing “progress,” and there are key open questions about how progress is to be judged and measured, who should benefit from it, and what type of progress […]

Internet as a Platform for the Exchange of Ideas

A talk with Brian Amerige (Co-Founder & CEO of Thoughtful). Address: 300 W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Austin, TX 78705 Parking: Paid parking can be found in the Rowling Garage, the AT&T Garage, or the Dobie Garage. Additional parking can be found on the street along Guadalupe Street. Brian’s Bio: When I was 14 years […]

Episteme, demonstration, and explanation: A fresh look at Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics

A symposium on Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics in Metascience invites the question of how the treatise relates to philosophy of science and epistemology, as these fields are generally understood. It is in the hope of shedding some light on this issue that I propose to discuss Aristotle’s conception of epistēmē, his name for the Posterior Analytics’ […]